Tanzania: Promises from Mwinyi to Transform Sports

A CALL has been made for Zanzibar’s sports stakeholders to come up with specific guidance that will fuel glory days when the nation used to be a powerhouse in the sports field. This was said recently during an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News‘ by Zanzibar President Dr. Hussein Mwinyi as he stressed that his government will do whatever it takes to fast track the growth of sports.

I want to listen to sports stakeholders because they know what is going on in this industry and are still willing to demonstrate the way forward. “Since then, I have instructed the sports minister to continue meeting with concerned sports stakeholders so that all the challenges facing the sports industry can be identified and, later, find long-lasting solutions to them,” he added.

He added that, with his government’s continuing attempts to step up sports programs, he has little doubt that adequate steps to eliminate prevailing shortcomings would be discovered within a short period of time.

He then described dispute and lack of sponsorship as one of the key reasons that delayed Zanzibar’s sports growth.

“There are many conflict cases recorded in various sport governing bodies and most of them emerge as a result of monetary issues. This leads to theft and corruption hence no progress is seen in this essential sector,” Mwinyi observed.

He narrated about the lack of funding that when sponsors (https://bestbetting.co.tz/) are not around, no sports events can be run smoothly, saying that a team from Pemba can hardly fly to Unguja to play a league match as financiers are not present.

What I think is that we will quickly begin to tackle one issue at a time and that will revive Zanzibar’s past sports prestige by doing so. “In those days, even teams from Tanzania Mainland used to fear their counterparts from the Islands because of the large level of competition they used to have and that’s where we want to go,” said Dr. Mwinyi.