Introduction to Fun Fair

Established in 2017 by a team of experienced industry professionals and technological disruptors, Fun Fair    is one of a new crop of dynamic developers looking to revolutionize the iGaming sector with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Fun Fair  looks to provide what itdescribes as a “next generation” gambling experience. To achieve this, the studio focuses on delivering digital gaming experiences that are active, engaging and social from the ground up. By using innovative new technologies, ithopes to provide iGaming experiences that are uniquely interactive.

In terms of the kinds of games it has released so far, as it is still a relatively young company at the early stages of developing the underlying technology, itscatalog is quite small. However, to date,it has released a number of exciting new titles, with a particular focus on multiplayer games and online slots. Its multiplayer games have proved especially popular with fans.

History of Fun Fair

Fun Fair was founded in 2017 by the industry disruptors Jez San, Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton. In just a few short years, Fun Fair has put considerable effort and expertise into trying to reinvent the online gaming experience.

Although this sounds like a fairly lofty goal, the Fun Fair team brings decades of experience to the table. This includes the guidance of technology entrepreneur and serial investor Jez San, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge.

Having got his start all the way back in the 1980s as the founder of Argonaut Software, which produced classic games such as Star glider and Star Fox, there are few people in the iGaming industry with San’s level of expertise.

Given itsfocus on developing and scaling blockchain-based solutions for the iGaming space, Fun Fair  has put considerable resources into developing revolutionary technologies. This has included the first commercial usage of layer 1 scaling technology in itsdecentralized gaming platform, as well as more recent efforts in layer 2 technology such as Optimism, Solana, xDAI, Dfinity and Polygon.

These technologies have been put to use in developing games that are social, engaging, and simple enough for players of all skill and experience levels to enjoy.

Fun Fair Top Games

As it is still in the early stages of developing its underlying technology, Fun Fair has only released a smallnumber of titles so far. This has included a number of multiplayer games such as Astro Boomers, The Wheel of Steal, Five Ball Fiesta and Grab YerBooty.

In terms of the gaming experience on offer and what helps to distinguish itsgames from the other developers out there, Fun Fair is known for producing high-quality 3D games that are HTML5 optimized and provide rich, immersive gaming environments.

Additionally, Fun Fair games are also loved by players for the engaging in-game mechanics that prioritize active participation. This is particularly revolutionary given the direction that the industry has been taking over the last number of years, which increasingly relies on passive game mechanics and auto play features to maximize revenue.

This approach to game design is evident in the Astro Boomers series that Fun Fair has developed. The series consists of Astro Boomers: To the Moon! and Astro Boomers: Turbo. The Astro Boomers games deliver one of the most fast-paced gaming experiences that we have ever come across, with player-determined volatility, real-time multiplayer action, and interactive game mechanics giving players the opportunity to score massive multipliers. These elements, combined with thespace-inspired theme, make for a great game.

Titles such asCyberHunter 2080 deliver a more familiar iGaming experience, albeit one built on cutting-edge tech. CyberHunter 2080 is a medium to high volatility slot that is packed with unique features, massive multipliers, and a unique sci-fi aestheticthattakes inspiration from moviessuch as Blade Runner.

Fun Fair Notable Awards

Despite the fact thatit is a relatively young company with only a few releases under its belt so far, Fun Fair has already managed to build up quite a bit of industry buzz. As a reflection of the hard work that the Fun Fair development team has been putting in, the companywon the ‘ICO of the Year’ award at the Malta iGaming Awards.

More recently, Fun Fair also managed to take third place in the ‘Content Creator of the Year’ category at the Casino Beats Game Developer Awards. Fun Fair earned this for its title Astro Boomers: To The Moon!.

Fun Fair Summary

As a technology-focused company with a leading development team behind it, the future looks bright for Fun Fair . With a growing back catalog of exciting casino games behind itthat have proved consistently popular with fans, we are expecting big things from this company in the near future!